Board Positions - Elections

Board Positions and Election Process

2021 PMI Calumet Chapter

Over the past 2-years, the PMI Calumet Chapter has been rebuilding from once, a near dormant chapter to now a revitalized and transformed organization aligned to the new PMI brand and values of ‘The Project Economy.’  Our chapter is embracing technology to offer more volunteer PDU and professional development offerings. 

PMI Calumet Chapter continues to actively develop contemporary ways to engage together, provide meaningful professional development opportunities, and eliminate barriers that are keeping you from making a positive impact for the community and the projects you support.

Being a volunteer leader at PMI Calumet Chapter provides tremendous professional growth, leadership skills, and recognition as a chapter leader to further your career accomplishments while Giving Back to the Project Management profession.  Your role as a volunteer will advance the continuing evolution of the PMI Calumet Chapter (not to mention all the PDUs you’ll need for your Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) per 3-year cycle. 

We look forward to working with you to help develop a strong and visionary board for the PMI Calumet Chapter.  We have important work to do for our profession and our communities.  You can contact a member of the Nominations Committee by emailing [email protected].



  • Conduct Board Elections for PMI Calumet Chapter following PMI best practice guidelines

    • Form Nominations Committee to oversee the nominations & election processes

    • Create checklist for nomination/election process

    • Utilize PMI Chapter Partners to send electronic ballots to Chapter Members


  • Goal: To fill key elected positions for the 2021 Board of Directors


Nominations and Board Election Process

  • The Nominations Committee has the responsibility to administer and execute the nomination through post-election process per the “Guidelines for PMI Chapter Board Election Process.
  • PMI will send PMI Calumet Chapter members an official electronic Ballot to vote or ratify candidates for the Board of Directors. PMI will notify the PMI Calumet Chapter Nominations Committee Chair of the results of the election.  The Nominations Committee will notify candidates in-writing of the outcome and/or their elected position.
  • Formal announcement will be made at the chapter’s Q4/December General Membership meeting to ‘Meet the new Board’.

  • Onboarding and Training for the new volunteer leaders will commence thereafter by PMI, with the PMI Region 2 Mentor and or PMI R2 Chapter Administrator.

  • The new board will participate in the 2021 PMI Calumet Chapter Strategic Plan and set the roadmap / game plan for the following year.


Election Process Timeline

The full PMI Calumet Chapter election process timeline follows:

Election Process Timeline


Volunteer Board of Directors Roles

PMI Calumet Chapter has three (3) main offices per bylaws (President, Secretary, Treasurer), plus twelve (12) Board of Directors (VPs) At-Large positions to form the rest of the Executive Committee (Communications, Membership, Technology, Professional Development, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, Marketing, Governance & Policy, Volunteers, Educational Outreach, Corporate Outreach, Community Outreach, and Past President). 

PMI Calumet Chapter - Executive Committee

All candidates must be members of PMI in Good-Standing and also members of the PMI Calumet Chapter.  All Roles & Responsibilities information for the positions officially reside on the PMI Volunteer Relationship Management System (VRMS).  Instructions for  accessing the VRMS system and updating your PMI Profile can be found here.


Open Call for Nominations 

Nominations for the 2021-2022 Board of Directors election are now closed.   Important: Appointed Board positions for Vice Presidents and Directors remain open.  For more information, please contact us by email: [email protected].

Here are the nominees for the PMI Calumet Chapter 2021-2022 Board of Directors.

 PMI Calumet Chapter 2021-2022
 Board Position
 Board Member Name
 President  Dan Zilai, PMP®
 Vice President - Administration (Secretary)  Jay Thomas, PMP®
 Vice President - Finance (Treasurer)  Jason Romero, PMP®
 Vice President - Membership  Jonathan Harris, PMP®
 Vice President - Technology  Jonté Robinson
 Vice President - Professional Development  Karen Teeter, PMP®
 Vice President - Educational Outreach  Sonja Streuber, PMP®
 Vice President - Community Outreach  Kelly Lanigan Milosavljevich, PMP® 
 Vice President - Volunteers  Leticia Muse, PMP® 
 Past President  Joe Mays, PMP®
 Vice President - Communications & Marketing  open
 Vice President - Corporate Outreach  open
 Vice President - Inclusion, Equity, & Diversity  open
 Vice President - Governance & Policy  open


Appointments: We have an open Call for Nominations for these important leadership roles within PMI Calumet.  We hope you will consider submitting an application for yourself, or nominating someone from the chapter you think would be a good fit for one of these leadership roles.  

Three ways for qualifying candidates to be nominated to PMI Calumet Chapter Board:

  • Self-nomination – the candidate nominates him or herself
  • Board nominated – candidate is nominated by someone on the Board of Directors (eg: President)
  • Chapter nominated – candidate is nominated by a member and/or members of the chapter

Today we open the call for nominations for these important leadership roles with PMI Calumet.  I hope you will consider submitting an application for yourself, or nominating someone from the chapter you think would be a good fit for one of the roles.  You can submit nominations here: by using your login.  Click the links below to review (VRMS) opportunities.  Questions - email:  [email protected].

 Bylaws Required Role

 Board of Directors – At-Large (VPs)

 President (28921)

 Professional Development (26487)

 Membership (26494)

 Secretary / Vice-President of Admin (28730)

 Communications (26495)

 Technology (28731)

 Treasurer / Vice-President of Finance (26492)

 Marketing (26484)

 Volunteers (26483)


 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (28963)

 Educational Outreach (26485)


 Corporate Outreach (28975)

 Community Outreach (28962)


 Governance & Policy (26493)

 Past President (28732)


We look forward to seeing chapter member nominations and answering any questions you may have.   Please contact us by email:  [email protected].


Meet the Nominees

Please use the following button below to see the 2021-2022 Calumet Chapter Nominees for the Board of Directors:

Meet the Board