Community Outreach

The PMI Calumet Chapter team’s vision is to champion project management skills for social good and align with the PMI General objective to ‘develop a growing and committed membership through providing valuable services and promoting these services within the community.’

Our interest is to do good things for our communities within our geographical territory by supporting organizations and associations that can benefit from project management to make the world a better place; one community at a time.  Volunteering with the PMI Calumet Chapter will prove to be an enriching experience.

Each year we strive to demonstrate the ‘Good things we have done’ or giving back to our communities. 


Depending on the duration of the voluntary service, this will earn up to Five (5) PDUs per calendar year. This involvement would qualify towards "Giving Back".

Community Outreach programs give members the chance to take the lead in organizing service projects or working on specific initiatives or any number of things. They also learn to work in team settings with others.  Volunteers can serve on project teams, help out with fundraising, run special events, deliver programs, mentor and more.  By the way – they earn PDUs! 

Giving Back: Community & Profession

  • Leadership philosophies – using specific examples of these skills and how they were used to motivate project teams

  • Demonstrate our interest in continuing education and personal development as well as project management skills and techniques

  • Contribute to the continued development of tools, techniques, and best practices to enhance the profession

  • Demonstrate creative ideas/tools to maintain a balanced life approach

  • Demonstrate mentorship capabilities and effectiveness as a coach and mentor

  • Demonstrate personal integrity and promote integrity within the organization

  • Encourage innovative thinking and creativity

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer on the Community partnerships team, please contact [email protected] for more information.