Getting Involved

Getting involved with PMI Calumet Chapter is easy and provides opportunities for valuable PDUs - start today by sharing your experience and passion to give back to the profession.  We are looking for people to join our team. Here are a few examples of our volunteer and how to give back:

  • Come to all of our scheduled events this year and bring a friend and/or office colleagues

  • Add your name to the member list on Facebook and LinkedIn or Twitter

  • Let us hear what you are doing in Project Management

  • Be featured in our upcoming membership newsletter. Send us your Bio

  • Become a Speaker at an upcoming chapter meeting

  • Volunteer with PMI Calumet to support a chapter event, activity, meetup or outing

  • Make a leadership difference by serving on the Board of Directors

  • Volunteer to work on a PMI Calumet committee or work on a chapter research task

  • Help setup and plan logistics for PMI Calumet Chapter events

  • Educate, entertain, or enlighten us with your article or story to be printed in our next newsletter

  • Participate as a round table member or panelist for a PMI Calumet podcast

  • Take pictures at chapter events to post on PMI Calumet social media

  • Research event speakers for chapter meetings or Professional Development Days (PDD) or PMP Boot Camps

  • Assist our chapter with implementing new technical innovations

  • Participate in educational outreach activities

  • Tell us about your best project and you could be a winner in our “Best Project of the Year” contest. Look for more information on our website soon

  • Write an article for our PMI Calumet Chapter newsletter or social media pages

  • Attend a PMI Chapter Meeting, Meetup event, outing, PMP Boot Camp, PMP Study Group, Mentoring program, PDD or Leadership Institute program

For more information about getting involved, submitting your bio or article, or speaking in our next event, please contact us at [email protected].

Remember: Your PMI Calumet Chapter volunteer activities are worth PDUs!

  • Ready – check out PMI Calumet volunteer leadership opportunities worth PDUs and grow your career and resume. This will get you noticed in the greater Project Management communities, locally, regionally and internationally.  

Stay Ahead of the competition and broaden your professional resume.