Corporate Ambassador

Corporate Ambassador Program

The Company Ambassador Program is an initiative for Corporate Outreach which provides PMI Calumet Chapter members to volunteer and earn 5 PDUs.

The mission is to increase visibility of Northwest Indiana / Calumet Region organizations within the Project Management community and better serve them by offering Best Practice Events, Roundtable discussions and Mentoring opportunities tailored to company needs.

Company Ambassadors represent their organization and facilitate communication with the PMI Calumet Chapter while promoting project management practices in these organizations.  Opportunities to promote group memberships, arrange for discounts and/or establish Corporate Sponsorship for the PMI Calumet.


  • Empower Company Ambassadors to fulfill their mission

  • Develop programs, lunch & learns, roundtable discussions based on the needs of the PMI Calumet organizations.

Your Mission

As a Company Ambassador:

  • Contribute to help your organization fulfill its needs in expertise and education in Project Management.

  • Act as your organization's voice within PMI Calumet Chapter.

  • Represent your organization and peers in the Project Management Community.

  • Recommend or help nominate projects or project management professionals for awards and recognition

  • Provide update(s) to Vice President of Corporate Outreach

Your Benefits

As a Company Ambassador:

  • 5 PDUs per year

  • Recognition among peers and PMI Calumet Chapter

  • Valuable networking and collaboration experience

Get Involved

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please complete the Corporate Ambassador Application.  For inquiries, to request information or learn more about the program, Contact the Vice President, Corporate Outreach by completing our Contact Us form. 

Thank you for completing this application form and volunteering with PMI Calumet Chapter.